Ostrich Pillow

 by kawamura-ganjavian for STUDIO BANANA THiNGS

Ostrich Pillow hits the literary scene

Having established itself amongst nappers worldwide Ostrich Pillow now makes its debut in  Power Napping – Smarte Pausen mit großem Erfolg the book by Grit Moschke and Andreas Attender.  This book is set to be the ultimate in bed time reading.   The authors of the books say: ‘We love Ostrich Pillow because of its design and multifunctional, it is light, cosy and a bit crazy but perfect to create great sleeping environment.  We would like to motivate people to take naps and Ostrich Pillow is such a great product’.  – Thank you guys for sharing our love for napping and including us in your book!

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Video: The BatBand!

VIDEO: Ostrich Pillow Mini

VIDEO: Ostrich Pillow Light

VIDEO: Ostrich Pillow

Just put it on, forget that stack of papers on your desk,and doze away

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