Ostrich Pillow

 by kawamura-ganjavian for STUDIO BANANA THiNGS

Big Dreams for little people

Fast approaching the anniversary of Ostrich Pillow, the team at Studio Banana Things have added a new product to their fun and functional portfolio.  Ostrich Pillow Junior!!!

Ostrich Pillow Junior is a take on the Original Ostrich Pillow though designed exclusively for those little people in our lives, boys and girls can now join the napping revolution, napping in comfort and style!  Ostrich Pillow has commenced an exclusive pre-order sale of Ostrich Pillow Junior via their website prior to the official launch date of the 5th of September!

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Video: The BatBand!

VIDEO: Ostrich Pillow Mini

VIDEO: Ostrich Pillow Light

VIDEO: Ostrich Pillow

Just put it on, forget that stack of papers on your desk,and doze away

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