Ostrich Pillow

 by kawamura-ganjavian for STUDIO BANANA THiNGS

Spring in my step

After what seems like the longest winter, i find myself dreaming picturesque images of what my wishes and dreams are for the next few months.  The change in season brings a spring in my step and exciting new opportunities.  What is your next big dream?

Lovers Pack

Lovers pack a funky new addition to the Ostrich Pillow Light Family.  Wavy Navy & Polka Pink bring a little sparkle to your romantic life, come on join the Napping Revolution and share your dreams with those you love.  The perfect romantic gift for that special person in your life.

New year, New me!

The New Year has started to a jolly great start, regular visits to the gym, new eating habits, and frankly i am feeling great. How long will i be able to keep this going is another matter. My wife on the other hand refuses to make any new years resolutions as she says she is simply perfect and does not require improving!!!

Thank you

A big thank you to all you dreamers who love napping.  We wish a peaceful Christmas and hope 2014 is a year of turning your dreams into reality. Have fun and dream big!!

Remember, remember the 15th of December.

Our hand crafters are working full throttle crafting your dreams and sending your preferred napping style from our Ostrich Pillow Family range in time for Christmas.

You will be glad to know, you are still in time for some last minute panic shopping.  All orders placed up to and inclusive of the 15th of December are guaranteed to arrive timely under your tree, for the season of giving.

Join and share the Napping Revolution today.  #dreamwithme

Lighter Dreaming

Ostrich Pillow Light the latest in must have napping accessories is now on route to the lucky Kickstarter supporters. The smart design allows anyone to nap in privacy and comfort on the go.  Join the Napping Revolution. #dreamwithme #movember

Ostrich Pillow Light

Kawamura-Ganjavian and Studio Banana Things successfully fund Ostrich Pillow Light in 72 hours on Kickstarter.  The team receive a whopping 376% funding and have commenced manufacturing of Ostrich Pillow Light.   Delivery of this must have fashionista gadget will be made in time for Christmas.  Napping in private has never been easier. #dreamwithme


Ostrich Pillow Light is the latest addition to the Ostrich Pillow Family.  Fully funded in 72 hours on Kickstarter and currently over 200% funded means we are incredibly blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of nap lovers!!  Grab your own stylish, portable, practical and adjustable power napping via Kickstarter in time for Christmas! Get one here !


be informed of the next things coming up!




Just put it on, forget that stack of papers on your desk,and doze away

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