Ostrich Pillow

 by kawamura-ganjavian for STUDIO BANANA THiNGS

Ostrich Pillow Mini fans dream big!

OSTRICH PILLOW MINI fans smashed the original kickstarter goal in 42 hours!!  The dream got better with new rewards choices and new ways of napping on the go.  The fans have made it clear, they love napping with STUDIO BANANA THiNGS!

We have a baby!!!

All this fun and napping has brought on new ideas and dreams.  We have just launched our latest dream on Kickstarter it is called OSTRICH PILLOW MINI.  It is the smallest, most fun portable nap pillow ever!  Check it out via Kickstarter and get your fun napping pal before others.


Just goes to show we do listen to your feedback.  You shouted from the roof tops requesting a darker color and the option to change color depending on your mood and presto, here you have it.....OSTRICH PILLOW REVERSIBLE is in town, currently available in a duo of greys finished off with a striking red adjustable cord.  Go funky in your dreams go reversible.

Summer Fun!

The summer brings the best out of all of us.  We get to see friends and family more often and get out and about.  Burning the candle at both ends means we get sleep less,  at Studio Banana Things we thankfully get to sleep at work, all in the name of testing of course.

Travel Season

The travel season is almost upon us and what better way than travel light and prepared.  Tops tips include attaching your Ostrich Pillow or Ostrich Pillow Light to your baggage to save on space.  Don't forget if you have not placed your advanced order for your personal light: Kangaroo Light you still have 9 days to do so.  It is the must have lighting gadget for 2014 and will illuminate your life on the go.

Kangaroo Light the evolution!

The team at Studio Banana Things have been busy making Kangaroo Light even better, thanks to their fans feedback.  Kangaroo Light is now programmable, interactive and even more playful.

Its hexagonal shape make it versatile and the high quality silicone exterior totally splash proof, opening a whole new world of lighting possibilities.

Remember we are on Kickstarter only for 29 days, so don’t forget to pledge and share this link come on light up your life!  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ostrich-pillow/kangaroo-light

The magic of light

Do you believe in the magic of light?  The team at STUDIO BANANA THiNGS, creators of Ostrich Pillow bring you Kangaroo Light, a portable, practical and personal light.  Bend it, mold it, and get creative using your lighting companion.  Create some ambient lighting whilst having some you time in the bath, take it camping lighting up your adventures.  You get to decide how and when you want to light up your world!


Just when we thought we could get comfortable dozing, the team at STUDIO BANANA THiNGS have woken us all up with their latest dream KANGAROO LIGHT.  This portable, playful and flexible light is designed to light up your bag, allowing you to find your things easily, without wasting time and avoiding frustrations.  KANGAROO LIGHT is only available via Kickstarter for 4 weeks.  What are you waiting for? Light up your life!


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Just put it on, forget that stack of papers on your desk,and doze away

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